Rob Hubbard's Music: Disassembled, Commented and Explained

This article written by [Anthony McSweeney], presents the valuable source to Rob Hubbard's first music routine. This routine was used in Rob's first 20 or 30 musics, including such classics as Thing on a Spring (Gremlin Graphics), Commando (Elite), Thrust (Firebird), International Karate (System 3), and Proteus (also known as Warhawk, by Firebird).
Text provided by [Jess D. Skov-Nielsen] from C=hacking issue 5.

The C64 Digi

This article written by [Robin Harbron], [Levente Harsfalvi] and [Stephen Judd] is a complete reference on digital sampling and the C64, including: general theory, SID hardware description, and methods of playback (changing $d418, pulse width modulation, and various tricks). Numerous code examples are given, along with a program that does true 8-bit playback at 16KHz -- it requires a SuperCPU, but it is most impressive, and chances are awfully good that you've never heard a digi like this out of SID before.
Text provided by [Jess D. Skov-Nielsen] from C=hacking issue 20.

Pulse Width Modulation, continued

Tying up some loose ends from last issue's digi article. By [Robin Harbron], [Levente Harsfalvi] and [Stephen Judd].
Text provided by [Jess D. Skov-Nielsen] from C=hacking issue 21.

Interview with Bob Yannes

This is an interview with the creator of the SID chip, namely Bob Yannes, who, after working for Commodore, co-founded the well-known synthesizer company Ensoniq. In the latter part of the interview he gives us a very detailed description of the SID's technology.
The interview was done via e-mail in August 1996 by Andreas Varga. Some questions came from King Fisher/Triad/Linus Walleij.
Text provided by [Jess D. Skov-Nielsen].

SID Primer

The Working Man's Guide to SID.
By [Stephen L. Judd].
Text provided by [Jess D. Skov-Nielsen] from disC=overy issue 2.