[SID 6581] PDF, 1694kB

[SID 6581] zipped GIFs, 675kB

[SID 6581] German, zipped GIFs, 675kB

[SID 6582] PDF, 1496kB

[SID 8580] not complete, zipped GIFs, 735kB

Some of the Sheets were found on the internet, some are taken from the files section of the HardSid Yahoo Group (see [links section]). I decided to mirror them to give people who are not members of the group the possibility to access them. Another ones are provided by [Jess D. Skov-Nielsen].

8580 Sound examples

Thes files were provided by [Jess D. Skov-Nielsen] in order to convince people who think the 8580 sounded "thin" that the 8580 can rock, too. Well, after listing I guess he's completly right. All files are 8580, only some delay was added.

[MP3 1] 1,586kB

[MP3 2] 574kB

[MP3 3] 486kB