[HardSid Yahoo Group]

SID emulation

[reFX] Developers of QuadraSID. QuadraSID emulates the Commodore 64 SID chip, enriched with many new functions. It can be controlled by MIDI-controllers.

[reSID Emulator Engine] Cycle-based SID emulator engine written in C++.

[SidAmp] Commodore 64 SID chip emulator plugin for the popular Windows media player WinAmp. Emulates SidPlay and reSid engines.

[Sidplay] C64 SID files music player for Linux, Windows, MacOS, OS/2, BeOS, AmigaOS, RiscOS and MS-DOS.

[Sidplay 2] The second in the Sidplay series originally developed by Michael Schwendt. This version is written by Simon White and is cycle accurate for improved sound reproduction, capable of playing all C64 mono and stereo file formats, and supports HardSID.

[TinySID] The world's smallest SID file player, for Windows and Linux.

SID related hardware

[The Blubb-2 Soundcard] Project to put the 6502 processor, CIA chip and two SID chips on an ISA card.

[HardSID] SID 6581/8580 hardware card for PCs.

[SidStation] MIDI-controlled synthesizer with realtime controllers.

[] Listing for MIDI-controlled synthesizer.

[SIDsyn] A MIDI monophon synthesizer, based on the good old SID (MOS 6581 or MOS 8580).

[Catweasel floppy controller] PCI floppy controller that is able to read all disc formats and can host a SID. Supports Amiga Zorro and Clockport.

[MIDIbox SID] A synthesizer based on the famous SID chip - now with a complete control surface which supports up to 4 SIDs

SID musicians

[] A collection of pictures of C64 composers, samples on how to pronounce their names and their best SID tune.

SID music

[The C64 Music Webring] The Webring for C64 Music related sites, especially the SID and MOD formats.

[Q-Link Sid Archives] Thousands of SidPlayer songs from the vaults of the online service Quantum Link.

[Sid Tune Information List (STIL)] Additional information about HVSC's SID tunes, such as cover information, interesting facts, useless trivia, and comments on the tunes by the composers themselves.

[SidFind]'s SID music search engine.

[Skytopia - Greatest C64 Music] The top Commodore 64 games music classed according to melodic content, intricacy and general atmosphere. Each C64 tune is dissected, reviewed and available for download.

[Tomten's SID & STIL Search] Search engine for the High Voltage SID Collection and the SID Tune Information List.

SID music remixes

[C64Audio] Archive of SID music remixes from classic games. CDs and preview MP3s available.

[G.o.D's SID remixes] A few cool sid tunes, recorded as rock versions and downloadable as MP3 files.

[Press Play on Tape] A group of seven geeks out of Copenhagen that play old C64 tunes. A Commodore 64 revival band!

[Remix64] A guide for the c64 remixing community.

[Remix.Kwed.Org] Kwed's C-64 remix site, and official site for the C64RMX mailing list.

[Sidmuzik] Enhanced stereo recordings of SID tunes (Ogg Vorbis format).

SID info sites

[Original SID Patent] Detailed (but legendarily inaccurate) description of SID chip.

[SID Homepage] Very informative site about the SID hosted by Andreas Varga.

[Uncover] Site by SAMAR Productions dealing with SIDs & GFXs


[Odin Tracker] A new music editor for C64 that features MOD-like song structure.

[SIDManager] SID file and playlist manager. Designed to be used with the High Voltage SIDs Collection.

[Acid 64 Player] Music player for Windows that can play SID tunes on sound cards with a real SID chip.